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Exploratory Dig


Exploratory Dig Pricing

Price: $350 (some towns/areas or multiple anomalies of concern are subject to additional pricing) Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep sends a technician to the property to perform an exploratory dig to confirm and identify any metal anomalies found in the ground. 


Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep has performed over 250 exploratory digs. 

How It Works

Should a metal anomaly be found that requires an exploratory dig there are a few steps to complete. First, agreements are sent to execute that authorizes us to get onto the property and perform the dig. Second, a mark-out is called with the utility company's so no lines are hit such as gas, electric, cable, etc. This takes them 3 business days to complete. Upon calling in the mark-out, a start date is given to Tri-County to begin digging. Once a date and time is approved, a technician is dispatched to the property and the dig takes place. Once the technician excavates deeply enough to strike the anomaly the area is cleared to accurately and visually identify. Pictures are taken and the area is fully documented. Once identified, the area is back-filled and a full detailed dig report goes out the same day.

Why Dig With Us

Exploratory Digs are a delicate process. We perform all digs by hand. Many companies will use machinery that can be costly and disturb the ground leaving behind a mess. Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep's technicians are highly trained and motivated to ensure its done cleanly and in a timely fashion. It's also important not to penetrate the area in question to the point of  puncture which we take very seriously. Experience here is critical.

What We Have Experienced

Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep will only mark anomalies that fit the profile of a tank during a sweep. Too often, technicians are in-experienced and are not taught properly which leaves areas marked out that shouldn't have been marked in the first place creating a financial and time burden that could have been easily avoided. This delays your entire transaction while costing you money. Tri-County has been called many times to come and dig an area that a previous company has marked out that turns out to be a total waste of time. Once you purchase a property you inherit whatever is in the ground. We have found cabinets, tools, washing machines, cars and a abundance of other debris that you simply wouldn't be able to identify without digging. By figuring out what these anomalies are up front, you nip it right away to save you the headache down the road when your getting ready to sell. 

Final Thoughts

In the Oil Tank Sweep field, now more then ever, the market is saturated with technicians or "owners" of Oil Tank Sweep companies who have defected from a large company who were never taught correctly from the start. Often, these are salaried or commissioned employees who have no skin in the game, which means if they miss something, they go home while your left holding the bag. Tri-County is family owned and operated, holding some of the best insurance policies with both liability and errors and omissions that can possibly be obtained. Our job is to protect you. We treat every sweep and exploratory dig as if its our home and our professional recommendations are always with that in mind. 

Exploratory Dig EDUCATION

In this video, our Sr. Technician, Keith, performs an exploratory dig on a property in New Jersey. This particular dig was called in by a buyer who quoted directly to us that he didn't trust the job the oil tank sweep company did that he initially hired. A metal anomaly was marked out and recommended to dig that simply didn't fit the profile of a tank, wasting the buyers and sellers time and money. Exploratory digs are quickly becoming a critical part of the home buying process.