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Oil Tank Sweep Pricing

Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep sends a technician to the property to locate and identify if any undisclosed underground storage tanks are present on the property. First, Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep does an interior visual inspection to look for any evidence of fuel lines or footprints in the floor or foundation. 


The technician would then go outside to the exterior of the property and look for any fill pipes or vent pipes.


The technology Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep uses is the FISHER TW-6 which is a high powered metal detector when used with the 3 piece accessory set turns it into a 2 piece box set that excels at discovering Oil Tanks. A complete and thorough Oil Tank Sweep in NJ is then done on the entire premises using a 25ft benchmark from the base of the property in all directions. A written report would be available the same day.

Price: $200 (some county's/towns subject to additional pricing)

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  • 5-Star Rated 
  • Same Day Reports Issued
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  • Active Military & Veteran Discounts Available

Why Use Us?

1. Educate the Home-Buyer: In a time when the popularity of Oil Tank Sweeps are reaching unseen heights there are only a select few that truly set out to educate the home buyer. It's been our goal since this company was formed to educate the home buyer strictly on the facts without up-selling of any other services. 

2. Price Point: We proudly were the first to offer $200 oil tank sweeps in New Jersey. Other company's have of course followed our trend but make no mistake, we were the first to offer it. Our vision was and is to offer the best price point in New Jersey because we understand that every dollar counts. We have seen time and time again other companies using scare tactics and old technology as a way of up-selling other services. Our focus is Oil Tank Sweeps, at a price point and service that's unrivaled.

3. Experience and Liability: Many companies use salaried or hourly employees with little to no experience which leaves a tremendous liability unbeknownst to the home buyer. These company's are so heavily focused on the big money large excavation and remediation jobs that the Oil Tank Sweeps are viewed as an inconvenience most times, we have seen this first hand. We are family owned and operated and handle every sweep ourselves to ensure a quality sweep has taken place.

4. Your time: In addition, we understand your time is very valuable. Whether entertaining a new home or in contract and attorney review, we know how important it is to move fast. We will do our very best to accommodate a time slot that works for you, most times a same-day sweep if time permits. We also guarantee our written report will go out the same day to expedite your closing process. Give us a call and see why so many of our competitors are trying to keep up with Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep, LLC the Premier Oil Tank Sweep Service in New Jersey.


Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep is rated 5 stars on both Facebook and Google. Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep appreciates these reviews and works hard to continue to provide the best service possible. Here are just a few of the reviews:

"Although the seller's disclosure mentioned there were no tanks on the property, given the old age of the home, I knew I wanted the peace of mind of knowing for sure.  I was given Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep's number by my realtor.  After reading some reviews and seeing nothing but stellar feedback, I confirmed my appointment.  On the day of the inspection, Adam called to both confirm the appointment and to let me know that he may be running a few minutes late despite the fact that he showed up right on time anyway.  Adam was both professional and very personable. I assumed the inspection would be limited to scanning the outside of the home; however, the inspection began with a review of the existing oil tank in the basement.  After some inspection, Adam quickly pieced together some clues that led him to believe there may be an oil tank on the other side of the wall.  We went outside to the area in question and low and behold, Adam's equipment confirmed a large metallic object in the ground just where he suspected.  I was so glad I decided to go with Tri-county Oil Tank Sweep.  They gave me the results of my inspection same day as well as all the paperwork associated with the further exploration and testing of the area.  However,  most importantly, they have saved me from costly expenses associated with tank removal and possible soil contamination remediation that would have become my responsibility in the future.  Take a note from my experience and don't allow a small inspection cost deter you from getting an oil tank sweep performed; it may save you thousands in the long run." - Anselmo Milan

"Awesome to work with - very informative and helpful with determining the best route to proceed with. I will definitely continue to work with Adam and the team and HIGHLY recommend to friends and family." - Sam Rose

"While searching to purchase our forever country home, we were unaware of the risks associated with those older properties in Sussex County having an abandoned oil tank(s). We contacted Tri-County from a referral and spoke with Adam. Before even setting up a site visit he was kind enough to educate over the phone the processes in which he takes and what we should expect. We met Adam the following Monday, he was extremely thorough and explained each step as he was preforming. We explained that we were also interested in another property a town over, he offered to travel the same day for another sweep working with both our real estate agent and home inspector's schedule. We really appreciate & enjoyed working with Adam and highly recommend his oil tank sweep services." -Peterson Family

"Adam was so great to work with. He was very accommodating to schedule an appointment. He performed a thorough sweep and detected two areas that were of concern. After showing my husband and me the areas, we felt it was in our best interests to perform a dig to see what it was. Adam was very accommodating once again when scheduling a second appointment. He continued to impress us during his second visit and again was very thorough. After both appointments he quickly provided us with a detailed report and pictures explaining everything he did and the results. Adam was very professional and easy to work with and we will definitely be recommending him to our friends. Thanks again!" - Stefanie Kraus

"Great Company!  Very quick response & service.  Adam was very thorough, knowledgeable & professional.  Would definitely use their services again & highly recommend." - Blanche & John Candage


Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep, LLC is fully insured including E&0 insurance and holds several OSHA Certifications  to perform Oil Tank Sweeps in New Jersey. Over 1,000 Oil Tank Sweeps completed. 


What is an Oil Tank Sweep? - An Oil Tank Sweep is is a service that over the last 5-10 years has become a critical part of the home buying process. An Oil Tank Sweep is a 3 part service typically used by home buyers, real estate agents and investors to inspect the property for any undisclosed underground heating oil tanks.

Why is an Oil Tank Sweep important? Many attorneys now request and even require an Oil Tank Sweep be completed prior to the sale of a property. An undisclosed underground Oil Tank can be a major financial liability in the state of New Jersey. Most sellers may never actually know if a tank is buried. 

Does Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep need access inside the property? - Yes, we prefer to first due an interior visual inspection to understand if their are any fuel lines or inidcations of an undisclosed underground storage tank on the property. However, if we are unable to gain access inside for any reason we can still proceed with the Oil Tank Sweep as the exterior sweep of the property which actually searches for the buried tank is what's truly necessary. Additionally, any debris, such as long grass, vehicles, lawn furniture, etc should me removed prior to our arrival to ensure optimal scan accuracy.

Do you need to be present for the Oil Tank Sweep? - No, Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep can complete a full Oil Tank Sweep of the property without you being there as long as we have full access to the grounds of the property.

What are the risks of purchasing a home with an underground heating oil tank? - Many underground heating oil tanks were actually not meant to be buried and over the years underground they can rust and start cracking which leaves leaking oil to penetrate the surrounding soil. A leaking Oil Tank can be a major issue for both the environment and your bank account. When a tank is found leaking the clean up cost has been known to exceed $30,000. Its in any home buyers best interest to have an Oil Tank Sweep done by Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep to have peace of mind and potentially save themselves tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

GUARANTEE - In the event an Oil Tank is missed by our technician, and does not interfere with the parameters outlined in our report, the Oil Tank will be removed at our cost. To date, Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep has not missed a single tank.


A Message from Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep, LLC - Environmental oil spills or soil contamination is not typically something your thinking about when looking into purchasing a new home. In fact, you may never have heard of an Oil Tank Sweep. It is estimated in the state of New Jersey alone, there are still thousands of undisclosed underground heating storage tanks that may be leaking underground. These Oil Tanks are typically anywhere from 275 gallons to 1000 gallon tanks. Many of these tanks that are buried have rusted and corroded leaving oil to leak into the soil. Some of these tanks are then left to leak into wells or streams creating a major environmental hazard. Its estimated that if an Oil Tank is in the ground for more then 15 years it has close to a 50% chance of leaking and many of these tanks were installed and buried over 30 years ago. Once discovered, the home owner is responsible for the clean up. Most homeowners are completely unaware they are responsible for a clean up which can cost well over $15,000 and must be reported immediately to the NJDEP upon discovering. Therefore, to protect yourself, its in your best interest to have an Oil Tank Sweep in NJ done by the professionals at Tri-County Oil Tank Sweep, LLC.


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